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The Upside

What's the upside to moving in a new direction? There has to be something more rewarding than the potential for financial stability. If that's all there is, I won't last long. It needs to be compelling.

Learning to code affords me an opportunity to develop a programmer's mind. I get to exercise logic and reason. I see a future where this newly developed strength brings balance my emotional clown art brain.

One of my goofiest, internally validating creative projects came together well in part due to meticulously developing my own system for writing it. The CLON-form outline. A color-coded, intricately mapped out story structure. At a glance, only made sense to me. I developed a simple structure that allowed my creativity to thrive and flourish. For years, attempting to force myself to write a 30 minute sitcom pilot felt like hell. Suddenly, I was writing a 60 minute clown show to perform live with ease and joy.

Visualizing how a new skillset could transform me makes me feel like a dog in a mall. I don't know what I don't know yet. But I've experienced how logic and structure de-tangles aspects of my creativity. This gives me hope to push forward.

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