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Drawing Fool

Still doing my tarot thing. I pulled Number Zero, the Fool card today. I sat and drew the card in my journal. I skipped the next three steps in my ritual: read about my car in Finding The Fool, journal on whatever the reading brings up in me, and refine that writing into the day’s blog.

Why did I skip? For starters, my cater waiter work has a wacky rule. If you’re the first to arrive and there are enough workers to fulfill the gig’s quota, you’re granted the option to accept an automatic four hour minimum and leave. Today’s gig is five hours long. I’ll either be the genius who arrives over an hour early to get paid for four hours to not work, or the idiot who stood outside the building next to a slightly earlier coworker for an extra unpaid hour before five hours of work.

So I left early to roll the dice on this dumb game.

I already knew what I wanted to write about the next time I pulled the Fool. Something about the card makes it hard for me to draw. It’s probably just because I’ve unnecessarily built up the significance of the card. It’s certainly not my least favorite card to draw, not by a long shot (Five of Wands).

I want to do right by the Fool. I put myself in a perfectionist zone because so far, I feel like I haven’t been able to competently recreate the image. This ironically, amusingly betrays the point of the card. Relax and draw your little cartoon. Enjoy. It doesn't matter.

Today I did a better than usual job drawing The Fool. Proportions are still off, but it’s better than last time.

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