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Why Take A Clown Class?

Hi. It's me, Riley Soloner!

In January 2024, you have two different opportunities to play with me as I lead some clown classes at Brooklyn Comedy Collective. I'm excited!

Saturday, January 6, 2024: I'm teaching a one-off drop-in workshop. Register Here!

Saturdays January 13 - February 24: I'm teaching a seven week Intro to Clown class. Register Here

The first thing to know: this is an Intro to Clown, emphasis on Intro. This is for the curious. No expertise required. The one-off workshop and the full class are about moving towards fun, generous, communal play in a theatrical setting, utilizing simple tools to get you moving and creating from a sincere place.

Drop your expectations of any kind of performance prerequisites in acrobatics, juggling, goofs, gags or otherwise. I won't be teaching any of that, anyway.

If you're aware of me or Brooklyn Comedy Collective, there's a good chance you're familiar with the longform improv class environment, structure and vibe. Much like the first improv class, Intro to Clown isn't about dropping you in the deep end.

Speaking of improv, I want to highlight how the Intro to Clown experience will feature a lot of improvisational play. But practicing and playing theatrical clown will tend to feel simpler, less brainy, less competitive to "get it right," and more focused on finding a sincere channel for communicating humor above scrambling to rapid-fire build a world or respond to an urgent prompt.

Workshopping theatrical clown fundamentals is largely a non-verbal exploration and practice brought down from the brain into the body. It's a chance to notice, delight in and build acceptance in whole body uniqueness and performance. What do you do when you allow your body to play in improvisation?

Hi again, this has been Riley Soloner. I love a theatrical clowning class setting for the pure, sweet fun energy it generates in the room. It has been a consistently imagination-expanding practice for me, allowing me to access and morph writing and performing comedy in a way that feels authentic and pleasurable. I'd be honored to share this class with you!

DM me if you wanna talk about it, or anything. I'm a clown teacher. I have the time.

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