What I'm Doing Now

Locked down Living in Astoria, NY

I'm doing well. I'm safe and healthy. I miss my family, my friends, the city, performing live and seeing live performance. I live a block away from the hospital so I get a good reminder of the mass death when I go for my walks.

I have the scraggly beard and long hair that I wanted to grow, but couldn't when I was working as a cater waiter.

I have been experimenting with recipes from The Joy of Cooking. The book lives up to its name. I'm still really proud of that gumbo.

Ellena and I are enjoying a new nightly ritual of doing the NYT Crossword and Spelling Bee game together.

Hosting Googy Morning! live every Saturday on PlanetScum.live
It's my variety show where I show off my goofball ideas and interact with a lovely, talented and creative fanbase. This is me inviting you to join the fun Saturdays at 11amEST or catch up on old episodes at http://youtube.com/RobotRiley

Mind Maps

I found a site called Miro.com to record and organize some ideas live on an episode of Googy Morning! and I just can't stop. Now I use it for all kinds of things: Developing show ideas/segments, visualizing concepts from books, visual aides for presentations. It helps cut way down on the intimidation factor of staring down a blank page. Miro is also the name of a very large and intense professional wrestler, so that's fun.

Drawing Hot Dogs

I have a friend who runs a hot dog-shaped restaurant and would like me to design a new logo for a T-shirt. Let's do this.

Emailing Everybody

In an effort to break my zombifying Instagram habit, I'm replacing that dead time with systematically emailing over 500 friends and acquaintances in my contacts. It's worth the time and effort. Reaching out to people is becoming easier. It's more fun to see what's in my inbox. Old friends are letting me know that I've made their day. I've started calling this project "Loneliness Insurance."

Training for Training
I have a beautiful, svelte, out of shape body. I'm working on reaching my goal of getting it moving every single day for 8 weeks. I've been levelling up in RingFit Adventure for Nintendo Switch. It's humbling to work out using a video game toy, but it works! Once my consistency is locked in, I'm seriously considering plunking down some money to train in ways of Gymnastic Strength Training. Have you seen this shit?


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