What I'm Doing Now

updated October 01, 2021

Found A Job

I'm working part-time in an office, doing office stuff. While it's not sexy or funny, it is paying me money and occupying my time. I'm grateful.

Releasing My Biggest Video Project Ever

Champion, KINDA! is a parody of a professional wrestling documentary, chronicling my ten year journey in comedy wrestling. The doc will cover everything from my humble beginnings to my controversial, disputed victory against AEW star Orange Cassidy for his IWTV Championship title.

Champion, KINDA! will be available on demand starting Thursday, October 7th on IndependentWrestling.tv

ProWrestlingTees Store: Approved!

Don't ask me how, but I am an officially approved T-shirt seller on Pro Wrestling Tees. I currently have four T-Shirts available with more on the way. BUY A SHIRT!

Hosting Googy Morning! live every Saturday on PlanetScum.live
It's my variety show where I show off my goofball ideas and interact with a kind, talented and creative fanbase. This is me inviting you to join the fun Saturdays at 11amEST or catch up on old episodes with this archive playlist.

I also have a bunch of Googy Morning T-shirts for sale. Check them out!

Heavy Metal

Space Noodle

Mr. Rude

Weird Bowl

Coffee Mug

Mobility Training / Foundation

Fellas: You ever sit down at the computer for like 20 years straight? You know what I'm talking about. Anyway. I'm having a good time reintroducing my brain to these muscles in my back. I found this YouTube channel called Foundation: From Pain to Performance. I recommend it. This is in service of my long-term plan to eventually start Gymnastic Strength Training.

Joined A Local Running Club

I think it would be good if I became a runner. I'd like to see what it takes for me to increase my running speed and distance. The group is very kind and encouraging.