What I'm Doing Now

updated May 29, 2021


Hooray! I'm feeling good and healthy. I'm enjoying some lovely weather maskless walks to Astoria Park to watch the sunset. I'm not super into the idea of jumping back to "normal" life, but I'm looking forward to seeing friends and visiting some restaurants.

Editing My Biggest Video Project Ever

Champion, KINDA! is a parody of a professional wrestling documentary, chronicling my ten year journey in comedy wrestling. The doc will cover everything from my humble beginnings to my controversial, disputed victory against AEW star Orange Cassidy for his IWTV Championship title. 

Hosting Googy Morning! live every Saturday on PlanetScum.live
It's my variety show where I show off my goofball ideas and interact with a kind, talented and creative fanbase. This is me inviting you to join the fun Saturdays at 11amEST or catch up on old episodes at http://youtube.com/RobotRiley

Emailing Everybody

In an effort to break my zombifying Instagram habit, I'm replacing that dead time with systematically emailing over 500 friends and acquaintances in my contacts. It's worth the time and effort. Reaching out to people is becoming easier. It's more fun to see what's in my inbox. Old friends are letting me know that I've made their day. I've started calling this project "Loneliness Insurance."

Mobility Training

I had to scale back a lofty goal of learning gymnastic strength training. It's still in my sights, but first I'm going to get the hang of increasing my range of motion. I'm using an app called The Ready State. If you have muscle aches and pains, I highly recommend giving TRS a look!