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Good Moon

Big blue supermoon yesterday. Did you look at it? I'm glad I did.

Ellena asked if I wanted to set any intention for the month ahead while gazing.

I stared up and thought. I wanted it to be different.

"More friends!"

I want more time, investment and connection with my friends. Old and new ones!

I've set many intentions at the ends of many months. I usually don't do that anymore. I'm used to being disappointed by my lack of imagination and lack of results. Coming up short after setting intentions based on superficial, anxious wants and needs. Gee I hope this opportunity I'm not actually interested in works out somehow! Not so much intention, but instead brute force attempts at convincing myself progress in a non-ideal scenario would somehow be right.

I've been leaning on friends more than I'm used to, and I have not been steered wrong. I didn't know how I was going to get to where I need. When I least expected it, a friend would reach out and offer help. I must not ignore this.

So it feels like it's time for me to trust more and be there for my friends.

Talk to you soon. Don't be a stranger!

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