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At 6:20am, I stepped outside and ran a mile in 9 minutes and 27 seconds. It was my first mile run since April 5th. Even though I healed well, my running injury from last Summer left me sedentary and reluctant. I had a general physical a few weeks ago and the doctor was concerned about my low blood pressure. That was the wake up call I needed.

It’s good to remind myself I have a heart. Poetic imagery aside, it’s very practically good to be aware of the heart in your chest. It's in there! It's working! Help it out! Listen to your heart! Et cetera.

I found a free online course called Learning How To Learn. There were talks about the nitty gritty chemical processes in the brain when a mind learns.

Physical exercise is a vital necessity for aiding the learning mind. The middle aged neuroscientist would intercut footage of himself explaining brains gathering and flushing chemicals with b-roll of himself joyfully running up and down a sandy beach.

I’m looking forward to Monday. First day of school! I want to give myself the best possible head start. If I can be disciplined enough to run in the early morning even a couple times per week, that would be huge.

Running is another process with a complicated past for me. I allowed running to make me feel weak and stupid, just like school subjects I struggled with. Through exploring a better understanding of running and myself as a runner, I’ve been able to question and update my identity in positive ways. Running has now become another way I can remind myself: I’ve done this before. I can do this again.

Testing myself as a gift to my future self. Pushing my limits as an investment in my health, wellbeing and happiness.

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