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  • rileysoloner

What does it sound like when you sound like you?

  • stupid done smart

  • agent of chaos

  • good mischief

  • sci-fi space robot clown punk

  • character with a stupid name and annoying voice

  • wasn't expecting that to be done well or have heart, but wow Riley

  • endurance-based comedy.

  • it ain't a bit until it's annoying or somebody's in pain

  • raised-by-hippies mystic vagueness

  • doesn't code but talks a big hacker Living in The Matrix game

  • strong opinions regarding Wu-Tang Clan

  • 9 hour Frank Zappa TV interview YouTube compilation

  • here's something I learned from a self help book, but I will die before admitting where I found it

  • of course I don't believe in astrology, tell me what it says anyway

  • standing at the fork in the road of wanting to be an Andy Kaufman and beloved while alive

  • when you boil it down, everything is professional wrestling

  • something about fruit

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