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Slow day at the office

I remember an interview with an actor where they said "my body is my office." I love it!

I should have taken my office for a longer walk outside today. Being so sedentary and isolated is my worst habit.

Especially since, ya know..clown here. Physical performance? Movement? I kind of like letting people know that's my thing?

I used my time today to chip away at idea work. I've had many, many days over the years where I didn't do that. So it's just one of those days where I'm happy I did something, but still looking for reasons to be rude to myself for not doing enough of something else.

It's alright! Things are looking up. I have ideas I'm looking forward to hashing out. I'm healthy and looking forward to getting to a point where I can remodel this creaky old office. A place to do my best work yet.

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