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Look Up At The Sky

It's too easy to look down. I slump and slouch and watch my shoes when I walk. Ever since I learned about the health benefits of getting morning sunlight in my eyes, I make it a point to look up at the sky. And isn't that a nice something to shoot for? Being someone who looks up at the sky more often.

Mental safety blankets are a big part of my day. It's also easier and more convenient than ever to swat a confrontation with a challenging concept out of view. The speed at which information is flashed and out of view is dizzying. And so this habitual, time-sucking behavior is just this lumpy blur of my corners of entertainment, friends sharing life, strangers posting cynical attention grabbing bait and updates on a real time genocide. I am sick of my scrolling habit. It's too easy to look down.

Anyway. Time for me to go to my day job. If you get outside today, remember to look up at the sky.

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