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Knight of Pentacles

Still doing my little daily practice in an effort to bud into a tarot card freak. It felt very auspicious to pull The Fool on the day I scheduled the digital clown meeting. Yesterday I wrote about ideas and process using a "watering plants" metaphor. And today, I pulled the Knight of Pentacles. This is a card about determination and process. When I read about this card in Finding the Fool, Meg Jones Wall uses the same dang "watering plants" imagery I was thinking about. I'm enjoying being open to encounter the coincidences. It feels like a good, sustainable fuel source.

Today was Week 1 of a new class. Clown Studies, Unit 1 with Jon Davison. It feels good to be plugged into yet another group of interested, motivated, diverse clown enthusiasts. I'm hopeful that this class will be a major factor feeding into my "History to Philosophy to Movement" rap.

Now that I mention it, I wonder if I've explained that here. I took a scroll back down my posts and I remember touching on it in a post called Historical, Personal, Performance . That's close, but not it.

Anyway, Jon Davison wrote a very thorough, dense book about a staggeringly diverse amount of clown history, technique and philosophy called Clown: Readings in Theatre Practice. I've been allowing this quote to guide me and my research:

In order to have any movement forward in clowning, you have to have a philosophy of clowning. In order to have a philosophy of clowning, you have to have a history of clowning.

So that's the process, the one I'm attempting to practice with patience: Gaining sense of history, then philosophy, resulting in forward movement.

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