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Expiration Date



  1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

  2. the drawing in of breath; inhalation



  1. the ending of the fixed period for which a contract is valid

  2. exhalation of breath

I had a good conversation about where I'm at with Clash Clown. I've gathered a large reading, watching and listening list. I'm somewhere between anxious and patient with the ideas stewing on low/medium heat. I'm getting comfortable describing the project when people ask "what are you up to?" When that happens, I usually come away with another new way of looking at my approach, a solid recommendation, or both. I’m not writing and connecting Clash Clown dots every day, but I still get a kick out of my consistent 5 days a week blogging on creative process.

But anxiety is creeping up. The amount of work and the lack of commitment to one direction now feels mostly daunting. My arms and legs are stretched to touch fingers and toes onto each distant Twister circle. I haven’t committed to putting my weight down on one. I’m stuck!

And once again, I was reminded that the feeling that inspired me to work on this in the first place is the joy of merely trying, sharing, and letting it change. I’m reminded that art isn’t art until someone else sees it. Participation is the antidote. The chain of back and forth exchange will light the way forward. ET CETERA.

I’ve been practicing the inspiration, and now I’m getting anxious because I’ve been holding, hoarding my breath. I’m setting an intention and scheduling an expiration date in October.

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