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Clown Studies Homework

To the surprise of no one, I am taking a course called Clown Studies.

Here's an excerpt from my homework:

Can you begin to specify some of the criteria you prefer to use in assessing clowns and clowning?

  • Humor

  • Imagination

  • innovation

  • simplicity

  • whether or not an audience seems to understand and appreciate the performance

  • distinctive visuals

  • theatrical technique

  • whether or not the clown has successfully engaged and transformed an audience/participants

Which variables are of interest?

  • Do I find this funny? Do other people find this funny?

  • How may I inspire others to be curious about what I find interesting about clowning?

  • Is there an underlying or overt political insight to be gleaned from this clowning piece?

  • How do I escape from going too far up my own ass about politics and keep clowning fun?

  • How may I create opportunities for field research, participation, creation and community, rather than snuffing out the flame with too much intellectualizing and paralysis by analysis?

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