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Vacation Jason

In 2010 I wrote a character named Vacation Jason.

The self-proclaimed World's Number 1 Vacation Expert.

VJ has performed barefoot on live national television, the Jewel-class cruise ship the Norwegian Pearl, and in bars & theaters from coast to coast.

Only have time for one clip?

Watch Vacation Jason meet one of his idols: Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan.


It started with these

videos in 2010.


At the time, I was a huge fan of The Chris Gethard Show at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. I was invited to travel with the cast of TCGS for their experimental (disastrous) Cross-Country Adventure.


Live, on Vacation

Performances from the Cross Country Adventure in January, 2011

Vacation Jason Begins (10:00)



TCGS changed from a monthly stage show to a weekly experimental variety show, live on public access TV. "The most bizarre and often saddest talk show in New York City."

Bringing a boisterous, aggressive energy to TCGS, VJ became the show's most celebrated recurring character.


Island Flavors

Live at UCB

Vacation Jason's Island Flavors, a live sketch comedy show.


Coconut Berry Lemon Tree

Before its release, foolish landlubbers doubted Vacation Jason's ability to produce the highly anticipated hip-hop mixtape, Coconut Berry Lemon Tree. 


TCGS on Fusion

After 145 episodes on MNN public access, TCGS gets picked up by a TV channel called Fusion in 2015.

VJ's TGCS on Fusion Appearances

Ambushing Seth Meyers. Link

Playing a game with Kumail Nanjiani. Link

Coercing Ira Glass into saying the word "googy." Link

Mixing punch for mermaid Lena Dunham. Link

In a wrestling match with Mad Men's Jon Hamm & pro wrestling legends X-Pac, Rhino, Colt Cabana and a human pineapple & coconut. Link



In 2018, the 9 year saga of TCGS ends on TruTV with the show's final victory lap of live episodes.

VJ's TCGS on TruTV Appearances

Get to know the cast: Vacation Jason. Link

Introducing himself to John Mulaney. Link

Burning Seth Meyers with the perfect comeback. Link

A PSA about nighttime beach safety. Link

Rapping for Method Man. Link


Halloween Vacation

A bone chilling (emphasis on chilling) song about vacationing on Halloween. Inexplicably released on Valentine's Day.

Directed by Jess Lane

More Vacation Music

SLICES is a display of VJ's lyrical sharpness. A parody tribute to the title track of GZA/The Genius legendary Liquid Swords.

WEIRD CAVE is a mysterious, spooky song about VJ getting lost in a weird cave.

Both songs are available for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.

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