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This is Important

For me to do, not for you to read.

This is just me forming a habit. Don't mind me! I know this is boring.

It's important for me to get Twitter out of my system. It's going to take awhile. I'm still yearning for the infinite scroll. Especially on a day like yesterday, when the idiot nazis were let into the capitol building. I want to read everybody's take. I want to read the replies and see who managed to squeeze a funny thought out of the garbage. I want to righteously press a little heart button on all the good logical points. I want to click on headlines and skim articles before getting back to the scroll. I want to be a spectator.

I still get my garbage news from social media and news aggregators. But on average, my time spent on my phone curled up with despair, completely ignoring any evidence that my body exists, is going down. A long walk around the park here, an hour of beginners guitar practice there.

Doot doot doot. Nothing very interesting to report. If I have any wisdom to share, I must be looking for it in the wrong section. Well. See you tomorrow.

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