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There You Are

"Ah, there you are!"

That's my favorite thing about observing a performer in a clown class. It's the moments when you feel like you're seeing the pure, unfiltered expression of joy emerge from someone.


Not to be so flowery and dramatic. (It's late, it's hot, I'm tired.) But I am noticing a bit of "ah, there you are!" in my day to day just between me and myself. I didn't think I'd be this relieved and happy to have short hair again. Slight variations on this look has been the norm for decades. I always found some reason to nitpick it and be unhappy with how it looked. But after a long stretch of being annoyed with the look and the maintenance of the longest hair I've ever had, a good return to a short haircut has been a mini revelation. Any way my hair flips up and falls down on my head, I'm happy. Big shocker: it feels very good inside to be happy with how you see yourself.

I'm so tired. Does this make any sense? Why did I even mention the clowning thing up top? I'm going to sleep. Thanks!

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