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There's A Thing Happening

I'll flesh this out later, but I want to lay down some bones.

People tell me that there is a bustling clown scene emerging in LA. Suddenly, it's the new long-form improv comedy! There's a fledgling gurgling something of a scene in New York City too. Something is coagulating under our noses.

I feel a few ways about it. I guess I'll have to explain my complicated feelings and place about improv and the social scene surrounding it from roughly 2008 to 2015. If anyone's interested in that. I'm not getting into that right now.

Ultimately: I see anything that brings the collective conscious to a more curious and understanding mindset regarding clowns and clowning as a good thing.

I have my concerns. The first that come to mind are the most superficial, fear based-questions like: where and how do I fit in? How do I make it known that this is something that has meant a lot to me, for a long time? Who do I need to let know that, hey, I've been doing this work and you might like what I have to offer? Where do I begin when I attempt to neatly lay out the complicated, storied entanglement of my performance art, my family and community, my spirituality, my little career, et cetera? How will I know when I'm being pure, and when I'm capitalizing on an opportunity and riding a wave? What are the rights and wrongs with either of those things?

Alright. This all needs to be ironed out somewhere else and brought here. Anyway. Enjoy your weekend!

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