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The Exchainge

I just did my show. Googy Morning: Mr. Rude's New Year's Toilet. It went well.

I had the idea for this week's show after writing about how my audience is mostly, if not entirely, creative people. I wanted to do a show for them, so I wrote them a song and allowed everybody to share what they wanted. I appreciate everyone who came on and sang, played, shared and even screen printed live on camera.

For a couple months "the exchange" has been a ear-wormy phrase in my head. Perceiving creativity as an exchange seems to be a healthier, more rational way for me to make stuff than stressing and planning and grieving about outcomes. I gather inspiration from somewhere. I make something with it. I send it out. Hopefully it inspires somebody to make something. They send it back. I am inspired by the exchange. Another link in the chain is forged. The ex[chain]ge continues.

Something good may come of it. Most likely it'll probably just be not much more than a group of creative people making things for themselves and each other. Sounds pretty good to me!

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