• rileysoloner

the 15th

The month is half over.

At the halfway point of every month, I go to my Google Drive. I open the file where I keep my monthly recaps and I start a new one.

Then I open my journal, a grid paper hardback Moleskine where I write my daily to-do lists and my accomplishments I write at the end of the day. I look through all my little accomplishments and I list them in the doc.

I'm looking at this small list. There are a dozen things that made the cut. None of the items are that impressive.

Then I ask: Should I be impressed? That would be nice. It would take a lot to impress me though. I'm a tough critic.

The month is half over (more than half over, actually. It's February) and I'm underwhelmed by what I haven't done. I'd like it if this were all it took for me to gear up and finish the month strong, with some big courageous act of will. That's not going to happen, at least not abruptly.

Little bit at a time. Stack up my little wins. See what happens, do some more stuff. OK.

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