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Thank You, Friends!

My friends are great. They listen and they give insight. Friends help me out of tough situations and they believe in me when I have trouble believing in myself. Friends are encouraging and understanding.

My friends inspire me to grow and to roll with the punches. My friends make the best stuff in the world. They keep the best stuff going with their hard work and talent.

I would love to see my friends more often. I like myself more when I'm around my friends. I appreciate my alone time, but I can definitely overdo it. It might be more bearable if I could talk to myself the way my friends talk to me. Maybe spending more time with my friends could get me more used to the idea of speaking to myself like a friend.

I find myself saying some pretty smooth and profound shit when I'm around my friends. I also say the dumbest and funniest shit in the company of my friends. Sometimes a long conversation that starts one way will eventually flip the other way. And I dip back and forth between the depth and the absurdity. It's just the best. I don't know where it comes from. My friends pull out the best in me and I love them for it.

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