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Ten of Cups

I've been pulling one tarot card per day. Today was day four. I drew the TEN of CUPS. A happy couple with their backs to the cardholder, arm in arm as they greet a beautiful green horizon with a big house in the distance. A rainbow with ten cups shines in the sky. Two children dance alongside the couple. I read some instructions to look closer: they're standing on a stage. Are they performing? For who?

Happiness does not exist separate from the rainbow of emotions. Acknowledge them all as they come.

I'm scheduled for a Zoom with a coding boot camp admissions team. Earlier today I announced the penultimate episode of Googy Morning. A nostalgic return to form as I invite Vacation Jason back to the show for the last time.

Last week when I did my Grim Reaper audition, mentioned my little theory that God is Other People. I forgot to mention Octavia Butler's idea from Parable of the Sower, which is

God is Change. I'm feeling more like that today. I'm mustering the faith that will allow me to end my show and take a new step forward.

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