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Synchronicity Rock

I keep telling myself to keep track of coincidences and synchronicities. Two big fun ones struck me today.

Something like two years ago, my friend Alex recommended me two songs by the band 10cc: The Worst Band in the World and Life is a Minestrone. There's no reason why it took me so long to get around to listening. But it did. Anyway, today was finally the day. And wouldn't you know it, from second 00001 of The Worst Band In The World, I knew I had to text Alex because I had heard this song a thousand times before. It's sampled in the legendary hip-hop holy grail album J Dilla's DONUTS.

So I text Alex, and he texts me back a screenshot of his music app. He was rocking 10cc at that very moment.

Synchronicity Rock!

This next one isn't as cosmic. Or maybe it just doesn't feel as much, because it was the second one of the day:

I'm making my way to 36th street, see? A friend of mine is producing a talk show and today's guest is Ice Cube. Right outside of the big 34th street H&M, some guy barrels past me in an Ice Cube T-Shirt.

I make it into the studio, grab my seat, and out of nowhere Ice Cube starts going off about how much 10cc rules! They're his biggest musical influence! And then me and Ice Cube took a selfie together but it got deleted!!!!!

Synchronicity Rock!

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