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Here's the new way I like to mark my stuff:

The box. It's a stencil-ish S and a zero.

I'm most proud of figuring out a way for it to also be my initials, RJS.

Top piece is the r, bottom piece is the j. Put all three pieces together, there's the S.

It started with these boxes I've been drawing for the date in my daily journal.

Once I realized they were r's and j's, I started experimenting:

The slash in the box formed the large S. The initials were there, but it's too busy. It was weirdly Olde English at best, unreadable at worst.

So now I have this. I dig the simplicity, and that you can rotate it 180° and it looks the same.

I don't remember my train of thought for simplifying it: Was I trying to make it more clean and symmetrical like the R and J boxes in my journal, or because I've been on some tarot card, Fool Number Zero numerology trip? I'll quote Finding the Fool by Meg Jones Wall sooner or later.

I like the many ways to slice it. It's my initials or just an S, it's a zero, a minimalist smiling clown face, a boxy robot logo, a simple little thing to sign on art that I like better than my sloppy cursive check-writing signature.

At Camp, I cut up some bits of fabric and sewed them onto a backpack. The pack's zipper broke a week later, so I cut it up and now it's a patch waiting to be sewn onto something else:

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