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Feedback from last night’s clown hall is trickling in. A conversation about how to move forward, a kind suggestion of someone to connect with. Feels good, man.

This process is going to take time before it feels great. Right now the project is speculative and ethereal. Nervously stumbling through a livestream with a little slideshow for a dozen viewers shatters the illusion of delivering a perfect, insightful, impactful thing that rocks everybody with great taste. My imagination and nerves even built up the expectations of my hastily announced livestream. It’s good to break these feelings apart with actual experience, rather than by letting them gather dust and be discarded due to neglect.

I’m watering a little seed. I have to remind myself it’s a process. If I added up the dozens of subtle twitches of roots and leaves moving through the dirt, I’d see that a great momentum has already picked up. It’s challenging to switch between the big and small picture points of view. It's a good practice.

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