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RIP 2020

Feels bad man.

It feels bad to become desensitized to preventable mass death.

It feels bad to then mourn the loss of a couple strangers you admired from afar because of the time they spent shining in the spotlight.

I don't want to make myself feel bad for grieving though. It's pretty clear that Americans and young cultures in general don't have a very reliable channel to process grief.

Now I'm going to write about professional wrestling:

AEW put on their tribute to Brodie Lee last night. It was the best episode of wrestling TV I've ever seen. They dedicated the whole show to him, top to bottom. Track it down and watch it. It's hard to explain wrestling's capacity to be uplifting, inspiring, even heartwarming. They nailed it.

I was watching clips and reliving the emotional tributes from last night's show when I found out MF DOOM passed away. I haven't looked too far into it but apparently he went on Halloween. I was in a good and vulnerable place for the news about DOOM to hit me hard. It feels bad but it feels good to allow myself to feel it.

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