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Post Zero

I made my intentions public. Now, I keep on writing about the writing, instead of writing what I'm writing to you about what I'm going to write. I'm standing here, wiggling my my toes on the diving board.

Post number Zero. Where do I really begin, if I'm going to begin?

A voice inside says "Personal, Historical, Philosophical."

And I respond, "damn. I don't want to start with Personal."

So I look up my post from two weeks ago, just to be sure. And I'm relieved: I misremembered the title. Historical, Personal, Performance .

Phew! I can start with historical.

Then, again, that voice. "That relief means you should actually start with Personal."

And I grumble because I know he's right.

"Besides. What do you really know about Historical at this point? Post Zero needs to be personal."

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