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Being anxious and "smart," without being intellectual or self-starting means I am easily duped into following and being interested in modern self help schemes. These "life hack" types of people are now Z-list celebrities with their own cottage industries of podcast networks and all kinds of books. They are very good at presenting themselves at having their shit together. It's attractive so I fall for it.

One common theme is hawking the wisdom of Stoic Philosophy. One of the major written works of Stoicism is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. It has a long, boring intro giving context to the time, place and life of Aurelius.

All I want to say is that with the original Star Wars trilogy fresh in my memory after a recent re-watch, it was much easier to get through the boring intro of Meditations. There's odd lands, names I can't put faces to, and a deep mythology that I know won't all be spelled out for me in the thing I'm currently involved in. So rather than fixating on one thing and wondering if I'm going to need that for later, I'm just reading and enjoying, kinda, this book in my hand.

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