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It's working

I don't want to make excuses.

That's a lie, yes I do.

Ellena has family in town. I offered to take care of the hospitality while she was tied up with an appointment.

After Ellena's appointment, the girls are settled and gabbing. I excuse myself to write my daily. I've left myself no time to warm up or focus. I don't have any ideas in the chamber. This is going to suck.

My phone buzzes. It's one of the best kind of texts. A "my friend released a song that reminded me of you" text.

"My Red Nose" by Good Deli (Youtube)

What a relief! A small, generous, kind gesture gave me hope precisely when I needed that. Thank you Erin!

What have we learned today? I'm thanking myself from the past few weeks. Thank you for starting. Thanks for putting it out there, to see if it would resonate somehow.

Here we are at another early stage. I've been here before, not sure how to respond when I've been lucky enough to get a reaction, participation. I've been around the block enough times to know this is the special sauce. So today is for honoring that. Enjoy the song. And don't be a stranger!

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