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It's a Sign

I was a The Artist's Way guy for a stretch. You know: an underemployed, low self esteem artist. Heard of 'em???

One bit of the book that stuck with me was allowing synchronicity to inform your outlook and process. Who doesn't love a good coincidence? Why wouldn't it be a good, useful practice to give thanks to mini miracles when they pop up?

I visit a couple free library boxes in my neighborhood every morning. It's a lovely ritual that leaves plenty of room for coincidence. The most remarkable find came after a Wednesday night when I watched Chris Jericho wrestle, followed by a YouTube video about animal scientist Temple Grandin. The next morning, I found in the box books by both Chris Jericho and Temple Grandin.

I once found a book called The Basics. It's a beginner's guide to semiotics, the study of signs and symbols. Hits the nail on the head, don't it? Finding a book about the study of signs while looking for a sign. I took it home, but I haven't read it yet. I think about reading it often.

I call putting a book in a tiny library "an offering to the book gods." I've taken so, so many books from these boxes. If I expect continued fortuitous, beneficial encounters with free books, I must contribute to the flow. I grabbed the Joker hardcover collection I read last night (Spoiler: Joker is back, baby!) and head to the tiny library box around the corner.

I walk to the second box on my route, do a little digging and find...Commedia Dell'arte: An Actor's Handbook! The book gods have struck again. It's another sign. Coincidence is cluing me into this little path. All I have to do is remain open to it.

"This has got to be semiotics," I thought. I googled semiotics to see what's up. Turns out, semiotics is the study of like, literal signs. Road signs, symbols, iconography. It's not as deep and "this is a sign, MAN!" Jungian as I was making it out to be. Or is it? Maybe it is, I don't know. I love to collect free books. I'm not as quick to actually read them.

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