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Idea Salad

I can't think straight! Here's everything I want to write about:

  • Meditating on the feeling of my goals being achieved is a daunting but essential path forward. The thought of doing this often leads to a kind of cynical, counter-productive "Really? This is going to help?" kind of defense system popping into mind. But then, a day later, some coincidence clicks into my day and, okay. Maybe this should be a practice.

  • Clash is the word. I'm thinking about contradiction, confrontation, mismatches. There is juice in clashes.

  • I finished reading The Secret Life of Clowns by Jeff Raz. There's a good chunk at the end about the importance of teaching classic clown pieces passed down from generations. Getting in solid practice at the fundamentals is an oft overlooked part of the learning process on the path to developing rich characters.

  • I will talk to you Monday. It's time to go.

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