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i chose this

I'm mildly stressing about the amount of work I have to do for my show today. I don't want to get started. No particular reason. Starting is the hardest part.

This was all my idea though. Almost a year ago, I volunteered to email the people who set me up with my show.

More than a decade before that, I moved here to take improv classes and get on stage.

Before that, I was a teenage nerd absorbing everything new and exciting about internet sketch comedy.

Before that, I was a high school student working the bare minimum to get passing grades. The classes that really saved my ass and kept me interested in even going to school were Video Production, where I tried to make every project a comedy, and the school newspaper, which featured my opinion column.

So OK. I'm going to get up and do my little work today. I don't know where it's leading me. Under the microscope it seems like nowhere, or not anywhere fast.

But hey: this is the direction I chose to go in. What else is there to do? Turn around? Start over? Stop? Those options seem appealing at times. But today at least, I know I have to keep going in this direction. There's a show with my name on it tomorrow morning.

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