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Gimme a Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah or No.

Paring down on the inessential things I say Yes to leaves me with more time and space than I know what to do with. Fear pops up in my little comfort addicted mind. A room crowded with mediocre furniture seems more comfortable than sitting on a newly cleared floor.

Even more frightening and discouraging to consider is my dusty “Hell Yeah” detector. With time, I’m looking forward to getting better at noticing what actually gets me excited. It's painful to face the truth. I feel I’ve practiced my way out of thinking big. It may take time to adjust to this space. It’s important to commit to keeping the space clean. I’m looking forward to seeing what I do when I allow my mind to stretch a bit.

I might as well try now. Here are some things I can say Hell Yeah to:

Completing my coding bootcamp pre-work far ahead of schedule.

Being the best student in my bootcamp.

Reading great books.

Watching great movies.

Improving my strength and mobility.

Getting reacquainted with songwriting in GarageBand.

Finding a job that will allow me to pay off my debt by the end of the year.

Emailing my friends.

Being my best self for ellena.

Maintaining the daily blog.

Practicing generosity.

Experiencing live music, comedy and theater.

Working consistently on a new creative project.

Bringing my Googy Morning People together again for something new.

Hell Yeah or No!

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