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"An hour of guitar practice, without fail, every day."

That was the plan.

Hours of guitar practice in January: 9. Nine Hours.

My goal for February: More than 9 hours.

Near the end of January, I started to miss playing. I had just started learning A-Minor scales up and down the neck. In all my years of novice playing, I had been too intimidated or impatient to learn how to "unlock the neck" by understanding a tiny bit of music theory. So when I learned a bit, things started getting fun. I don't know why I put things down when they start getting fun. Isn't that what I was after when I started?

Anyway. I stopped playing, but I kept thinking about playing. And in those thoughts, something happened for the first time: I was able to visualize how to play a scale I never played before. I don't know what it's called. I think it's in the key of E. It starts with picking the open low E, then F and G, then open A, B, C, and so on up the strings. But I didn't play it, I just did the math in my head about how it would be played. So when I finally picked up my guitar yesterday and tried it, it seemed to work! I played the scale up and down a few times, and then I tried noodling, and almost by accident I taught myself how to play the Happy Birthday song. That felt nice and encouraging.

Chipping away the mystery of how to play music on the guitar.

A small, fun step in the right direction.

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