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Crazy Ass Graph

I'm obsessed with Obsidian. It's a note taking software. It's free. Here's a link. Here's a very to-the-point YouTube tutorial playlist.

It's a very simple program, but it's powerful. It allows you to link one note to another. I'm using this feature to create my own miniature Internet of all my points of reference regarding Clash Clown. Where it gets really interesting is the Graph View. Visualizing how all of my ideas link together has become an addiction. I want to show you, but I'm aware that it looks exactly like a maniac's red thread on a bulletin board. I'll show you anyway, eventually.

It's another step in the exciting/daunting direction. I can link as many notes together as my mind can cook up. But also, if you click into most of the notes, there isn't really much content yet. It's time to do the real work.

Also, time to go outside.

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