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Clash, as in Bash

My head is a cement mixer. It's tumbling my idea mush round and round. I have this big lumpy amoeba mess of Clash Clown ideas churning.

Last week I thought it would be beating a dead horse for me to write yet another blog post about pro wrestling. Only to realize, I haven't written about it one time. I guess I was so afraid of overdoing it, I didn't do it at all.

One big part of the Clash Clown equation is Professional Wrestling. I love to investigate the overlaps in clowning and wrestling. Two forms of live theater specializing in making strong, direct connections with the audience. I watch TV wrestling all the time, looking for the subtle and not-so subtle ways wrestlers will engage and manipulate massive audiences. They're using clowning technique.

Great clowns and great wrestlers do the exact same thing. They show you exactly what they're doing before, during and after they do it.

It's a great time to watch wrestling as a clown. Orange Cassidy is an acrobatic, charismatic underdog whose character and wrestling style has created a refreshing possibility for imaginative humor amongst the simulated violence. His singular storytelling approach, paired with his mastery of the technical fundamentals makes him one of the best wrestlers in the world today. His first ever Pay Per View main event match with Jon Moxley this past Sunday felt like a graduation and coronation for him, and validation for those those who believe in the potential for wrestling to tell stories and develop characters in new and unexpected ways.

So, yep. Part of the Clash in Clash Clown is taking notes on the boys and girls in the ring who hit each other.

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