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chugging tea

There's a monk secluded in a beautiful monastery. He's wearing sacred robes and beads that flap and jangle as the sandals he scoots across the floor kick up dust that dances in the morning sunbeams.

"ah FUCK. When was the last time I swept this fuckin'..ahh."

He crouches to the little door of the woodburning stove and peers inside.

"shit. who put the..ah damn it."

He grabs a fistful of thin kindling and tosses it into the flames.

"come on, come onnnnn."

He clangs the simple iron teapot onto the stove and rubs his hands together.

"yeah baby, gotta drink the tea. Gonna drink this tea, gonna meditate. Meditate thennnn I will.......then I'm gonnaaaaaaaaa, yeah I'm gonna do some aaaaah, maybe I'll stretch my legs and go for a walk. Yeah that's it."

The Monk pours the tea into a small wooden cup.

"C'maaaan, c'maaan. Tea in the cup. Get in there, go go go."

The Monk shoots the whole, medium sized cup of tea down his gullet like he's being timed. There's a drip of tea rolling down each of his cheeks. He's not breathing. At the last gulp, the Monk lets out an exaggerated "GAH!" and resumes breathing.

"Alright what was I gonna do, fuckin' where's that pillow. Get the pillow meditate, bingo bango, sweep the floor go for a walk. Yeah yeah yeah baby let's do this, let's go. Time's a wasting."

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