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bending time

One of the most powerful and disarming experiences I had in the last year was when I found myself in a room with a bunch of new friends sharing with each other our creative journeys. It was pretty powerful and emotional. One new friend was especially caught up in the feeling and was running long. We had a full day planned, and his 5 minute presentation melted into a 20 minute stream of conscious river with no end in sight.

The leader of the event graciously slowed the speaker down to a halt with kind words, acknowledging the passion with which the presenter spoke, and the importance of his story being told to us. Our leader grew more and more serious with each word. She fused these two points together: Everything the presenter shared said was vital. We must move on to get to everything we have planned for today. She raised her voice and the seriousness in her words turned into a sword she swung with authority. She punctuated this impromptu speech with full passion and zero irony: "I bend time!" The words hung in the silence.

She spoke with such power that I believed her, then and now. I think everybody did.

Last night, stoned on the couch, I thought about bending time. "Geez, could do I do that?"

I visualized my memories as video clips gathered into bins of footage in Premiere Pro. Little bits of the whole story chopped up into clips to be rearranged into a sequence that fits my vision. I started thinking about how I could organize these clips into scenes and segments.

Arranging and tinkering with different moments from my past in such a way that clues about my future emerge. Maybe that's what time bending is to me.

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