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This is the second day in a row that I’ve forgotten to write a blog post until it’s time to get to bed. I don’t want this to be a normal thing.

Here’s a list of little things that help get me through the day:

The Night Before

I use a bullet journal to plan my daily to-do’s. My evening routine begins with a review of my checked-off items, listing my key events of the day and writing a to-do list for tomorrow.

I changed my daily gratitude practice near the start of 2022. I learned from this episode of the Huberman Lab Podcast that the most effective (as in measurable physiological change) gratitude practice is not listing things you are grateful for. Strangely, it’s reading stories of instances where people express gratitude towards other people. It can be stories of people expressing gratitude towards you, but it doesn’t even have to be you.


Lately my first thought as I wake up has been “I choose to feel great about what I’m doing today.” I picked this up from this good TED Talk.

Drink a bottle of water and take my vitamins.

Meditate 10-20 minutes.

Get dressed and take a walk around the block. Look at the sky, check the tiny free library box on my block.

Journal 20 minutes.

Shuffle tarot deck, pull one card. Listen to Jessica Dore’s interpretation of the card. Shuffle tarot deck.

Read 20 minutes.

Look at my short term goals. Look at my long term goals.

Make breakfast. Cold brew coffee with oat milk. Two eggs fried in olive oil. Coconut yogurt with blueberries and chia seeds.

Do the Wordle, and Moviedle


Pomodoro technique works for me. When the timer goes off, drink five gulps of water and set a 5 minute break timer. Today instead of mindless scrolling, I would just lay on the couch and close my eyes.

Room for improvement

I’ve been bad. I’m totally neglecting strenuous exercise. I increased my around-the-block morning walk to 45 minutes, to the park and back for a handful of days this month. Hell I haven’t even been rolling out the mat and stretching in the morning. I’m going to need to get back on that.


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