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I’m going to write a blog post today. I enjoy searching for an idea. I like getting on a roll and writing encouraging messages to myself. I like not having the idea yet. I know it’s coming. I know it’s coming.

I’ve been self conscious about how many of my sentences begin with “I.” I wonder if that’s something other people worry about when writing blog posts. I know these are personal matters, so of course I’m writing how I see things from my perspective. I do feel though, that repeatedly beginning sentences with “I” is a crutch. I see it as a symptom of laziness. I have a good writing intuition. I've never been some kind of high level professional writer. I, I, I.

I’ll be okay. I don’t think it matters very much right now. I’m logged out of Instagram, indefinitely. I'm not notifying the smattering of readers who would otherwise show up. I’m writing today’s post for the habit forming. I appreciate you for reading, whoever you may be. I know at least two people will take a peek. I thank you.

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