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Googy Morning!

Streaming every Saturday morning, 11:00am EST


Watch past episodes here.

GOOGY MORNING! is a weekly live streamed morning show.

My lab for experimental show formats, comedy characters, & art projects.

Scroll down for some of my favorite episodes:

CONAN 2099

Everyone's favorite host. Stranded in the desert.

featuring Winona Ryder (Jess Jiminez)

& a snake (Hex Gonzalez)


The tragic tale of Lance, a jouster in search of glorious adventure.
Featuring David Bluvband as Zeno the Jester

O-KAY? with Riley Soloner

A scorchingly satirical current-events talk show. Speak truth to power. Say what everyone's thinking. Transcend comedy and achieving public-service status, etc. Remain smug no matter what.

featuring the voices of Hex Gonzalez, Forrest Phillips and Jess Jimenez

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