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A sci-fi clown show on public access TV

CLON logo by Edmond Hawkins

Insecure billionaire Bryan Funglehead (Justin Angermeyer) unveils and demonstrates his latest invention: CLON!

Full Episode: 58:00

Clips from CLON, Ep. 1

  • Funglehead's Keynote. 5:00

  • Unveiling CLON & Demonstration. 4:45

  • Dinanda, Queen of the Moon imagines her wildest dreams (Featuring Henry Hank Oliver) 3:20

  • CLON connects with an audience member. 5:45

  • Erin Uncovers CLON's shortcomings 1:10


After disassembling CLON, Bryan finds himself on a talk show designed to humiliate arrogant billionaires.

Full Episode 57:00

Clips from CLON 2

  • Kiko Soirée Welcomes Bryan to Billion Dollar Bonkies! 4:13

  • CLON's Triumphant Return 2:17

  • "Drunk Baby" (ft. Henry Hank Oliver & Yuri Rybak) 4:46

  • Dinanda Reveals Her Innermost CLON Desires 3:10

  • Warrior 2 (Kevin Allen) Whips Bryan Funglehead into Shape 6:00

  • Bryan Funglehead Makes Amends with CLON 0:50

  • "CLON's In Space" (ft. Henry Hank Oliver & Yuri Rybak) 4:07

  • Bryan Funglehead Reveals He French Kissed Kim Jong Un 0:56


Full Episode: 1:01:07

Clips from CLON 3

  • CLON Gives Bryan Funglehead Honest Feedback 1:08

  • CLON Throws A Dance Party 3:19

  • CLON & An Audience Volunteer Perform Magic 5:36

  • Bryan Funglehead Sings The Song Of The Summer 3:06

Broke and busted, Bryan and CLON search for a way to save their apartment.


The CLON Fan Zine

The passionate, creative fan community of Chris Gethard Presents banded together to create a zine of fan art and literature inspired by CLON. Arranged by Jess Jimenez and Dave Koen.

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