Vacation Jason's Halloween anthem, Halloween Vacation. Released on Valentine's Day 2017.

The Chris Gethard Show - Vacation Jason invades TCGS as a goofy, tropical court jester on a permanent vacation.

Vacation Jason introduces himself to Seth Meyers.

VJ and Gethard in a wrestling match with Jon Hamm and pro wrestlers Colt Cabana, Rhyno, and X-Pac.

More Vacation Jason on TCGS:

IFC Comedy Crib - Modern Dating - A silent web series about the perils of modern dating. I play Jack.

More Modern Dating:

Elite Daily - Quarter-Life Couple - A web series about a couple that argues a lot. I play Wilson.

More Quarter-Life Couple

Flama - Spanish Raps 101 - I used my limited knowledge of Spanish to co-write and perform these music videos.

More Spanish Raps 101

Above Average - I make cameos in sketches for NBC's best online comedy content channel.

Soloner + Bluvband - Sketches written and directed by Riley Soloner and David Bluvband.

Dairy Affirmations - A dark comedy series about the Temple of the Milk Spirit. Total running time: 8 minutes.

More Vacation Jason - "I haven't always been on TCGS, but I have always been on Vacation." - Vacation Jason

VJ's stage show, live at the UCB Theatre NY on June 26, 2013.

Coconut Berry Lemon Tree - The hip hop mixtape by Vacation Jason.

Written, produced, and performed by Riley Soloner. Featuring Phillip Augusta Jackson, Patrick Noth, and Emilia Wilson. Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Noth. Album Cover by Andrea Streeter.

TCGS: February Beach Party - An episode from the public access days. Vacation Jason is stricken with amnesia after getting hit with a coconut. It's up to the TCGS cast to save him from his new buzzkill personality.

Top Vacation Memories - A compilation of VJ's earliest TCGS appearances.

Top Vacation Memories part 2

Great videos featuring Riley.

RobotRiley - The old videos I used to make in my room as a youngster.